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Treatment Programs

Drug and alcohol addiction can wreak havoc on anyone’s life. The effect can be so devastating that it alters the very core of an individual’s personal and social life. Starting with the acceptance of the fact that drug addiction is something no person would choose, proper and compassionate addiction treatment programs are essential to long-term sobriety.

A drug addiction may not have been a personal choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose to do something about it. Ask any of our former clients; Ranch Creek is devoted to ridding our patients of the shackles of addiction.


Addiction Isn’t Choosy

In a recent national survey done by the government, there are over 23.5 million Americans aged 12 and up, suffering from addiction. The possibilities of the disease occurring to an average American is seen to rise higher with people suffering from a co-occurring disorder which can aggravate either condition.

Addiction affects all segments of society; it doesn’t discriminate. With almost 10 percent of Americans abusing drugs or alcohol, the chances are good an acquaintance or loved one may be suffering from some form of addiction. Ranch Creek Recovery has been a leading non-12 step rehab facility with highly personalized and holistic programs. We can help those dealing with addiction get a sober life with our specialized treatment programs that treat any kind of addiction.


Treatment Programs

Ranch Creek Recovery uses comprehensive treatment programs unique to an individual’s addiction. It is personalized based on the length and severity of a person’s addiction and the particular physical and psychological needs unique to the patient.

Using a holistic and an all-inclusive approach that targets both the substance addiction and any co-occurring disorder, Ranch Creek treatment programs can be life-changing experiences that allow an addict to work through physical dependence and live a happier, sober life.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction can be a debilitating disease, and the effects on temperament and behavior make them difficult to combat.
Ranch Creek Recovery uses treatment programs that are based on an addict’s specific condition and any issues he might be facing mentally and emotionally. While a patient may choose to follow the traditional 12-step method, we recognize that it does not work for everyone, and base our programs around our own unique scientifically researched modality.

Treatment programs aim to halt the physical and psychological dependence with a clinically supervised withdrawal phase. Alternative treatment options will help a recovering addict learn more about himself to facilitate the most effective treatment. Counselors will oversee every part of the program and adjust as your journey continues so that you have the best chance at lifelong sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Addiction does not always come on its own. It can sometimes be perpetuated by an existing psychological and emotional disturbance that leads a person to self-medicate. In comparison, prolonged drug or alcohol use can lead to or exacerbate mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

Anyone who has experienced a traumatic event resulting in PTSD, suffered depression anxiety disorders, or is suffering from a myriad of other mental health disorder is at greater risk of suffering addiction. Because of this, Ranch Creek Recovery uses treatment programs that simultaneously address both issues of substance abuse and mental illness. Treatment plans are geared towards healing the patient mind, body, and spirit.

Managing to live a more fulfilling life is not difficult with Ranch Creek’s comprehensive treatment programs which teach life skills and techniques on how to handle the symptoms of a co-occurring disorder.

Detox Options

Depending on the longevity and severity of the addiction, most cases require a patient to undergo a detox process. This cleanses the body of the harmful effects of the substance before addressing any other issues. Detox is an important initial step towards sobriety as it helps the body recondition itself in a safe and effective way.

The battle towards sobriety is a hard one and even more so is the physical adjustment. This can be the hardest part of any treatment program as it leads to both physical and mental anguish including emotional instability and various other physical manifestations.

We recognize that detox is only the first step on the path to sobriety; in some ways, it’s like setting the table for a meal. Working with modern and proven medical supervision, Ranch Creek’s detox programs are the first step to recovery.

Non-12 Step Programs

Rehabilitation is not the end of the process but the beginning of recovery. The traditional 12-step program does not fit everyone. It may be effective for some while it may not be as effective for others. Ranch Creek uses a personalized approach to drug and alcohol treatment which means that the duration of the treatment is based on personal progress and not on the completion of the program.

The non 12-step approach is a powerful way to address any of the issues an addict is facing as it allows them to fully heal without the constraints and pressures of meeting a certain demand. It allows them “work a program” built just for them with integrative modalities that help the recovery become more effectual.

The comprehensive approach to sobriety is far better because the patient is in a place at the heart of the treatment rather than putting emphasis on the steps. This individualized plan far outweighs the one-size-fits-all conventional techniques employed by a vast majority of centers.

Cognitive & Dialectical Behavior Therapy (CBT & DBT)

Behavioral therapies have been a foundation for an effective substance recovery. CBT & DBT both address personality disorders and emotional instability that hinders the effectivity of the treatment program. Integrated with other disciplines including mindfulness and other therapeutic elements, these programs can be powerful and life-changing.

Duration of these programs depends on a person’s response to the program and how it alters his psychological and emotional mindset. It targets a person’s way of living and changes how he responds to certain conditions that perpetuate his drug and alcohol addiction.

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