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Substance abuse disorder is a chronic and complicated disease considering the many variables such as genetics and environment which can contribute to an addiction. Given its very nature, addiction treatment is never simple nor easy. Drug rehabilitation is a lifelong process and requires the help of professionals.


When drug addiction treatment is discussed, drug dependents who want to be helped and their families usually think about going to a drug addiction rehab facility but the majority of them will not even consider going to luxury rehab centers because of the imagined cost. Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes that substance abusers make when seeking treatment is failing to carefully select the treatment facility where they will enter.


Luxury drug rehab centers such as Ranch Creek may seem more expensive than most but they provide the following benefits that ordinary addiction centers may not offer:


Highly-Skilled and Qualified Treatment Staff

The Ranch Creek Recovery luxury drug treatment center boasts a team consisting of some of the top specialists and professionals in the addiction recovery field. They are well-equipped to deal with different levels of drug addiction and provide care suited to needs of their patients. Our experienced and compassionate staff have a wealth of combined experience in treating addictions of all forms and in incorporating our unique modalities into the experience.


Patient-Specific Treatment Program

An addiction treatment plan can only be effective if it is tailor-made to the recovery needs of the patient. There is no such thing as a single-fool-proof addiction rehab program that can help patients across the board. Unfortunately, many rehab clinics stick to a certain, one-size-fits-all treatment plan which doesn’t take into account a patient’s specific and unique needs. At luxury addiction rehab facilities like Ranch Creek, you can rest assured the plan and program you get will be based on your needs.


Luxurious Setting

The facilities and amenities provided by high-end rehab centers are not the stereotypical hospital-like locale many people imagine. Ranck Creek’s rehab facility is situated beautiful Southern California, where the majestic and serene scenery promotes mindfulness and facilitates healing. Our grounds include outdoor activity areas, pools and relaxation spots and exercise areas.


Privacy and Discretion

Of course, patients receiving treatment at Ranch Creek can be assured of utmost privacy and discretion; as part of our JHACO accreditation, we are fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations local and federal. Out inpatient grounds are on a private estate, so there won’t be the distraction and noise of a more urban setting. Since there are only a few patients at any one time, you can balance privacy with group activities to focus on healing.


Better Chance to Start Over

Ultimately, the overall quality of upscale addiction rehab facilities such as Ranch Creek Recovery provides patients with the best chance of recovery. Staying in a peaceful place with relaxing scenery, getting individualized care and treatment, as well working with highly-qualified addiction treatment staff can definitely help patients to get back on the right track.


While seeking treatment in a luxury rehab can significantly affect your finances, it is not a reason to disregard it completely. First, Ranch Creek accepts most private insurances. If that is not an option we’ll work with you to see if there is another way/ Remember that addiction treatment should do more than just help the person stop using drugs. As mentioned by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment should help the drug abuser to live long-term sobriety. The cost of a luxury rehab is nothing compare to a happier and sober life. Please keep these things in mind before finally deciding on the right facility for you.

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