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Holistic & Experiential Therapies

Ranch Creek Recovery is proud to offer several alternative treatment modalities in addition to our medical and therapy-based programs. Holistic therapy is not always familiar to those seeking drug and alcohol treatment, so read on to learn a bit about what we have to offer.


The standard 12 step or even medicated rehab programs found at many centers are not for everyone. Most people benefit from a wide variety of activities in treatment instead of the same techniques which have been used for decades. Fortunately, drug addiction and depression treatment centers like Ranch Creek Recovery are now including alternative approaches like holistic and experiential therapies in their treatment programs to complement traditional treatment techniques. Holistic rehab and holistic depression treatment centers use various strategies that help the patient to not only address his addiction or depression but to heal his whole being – physical, emotional, psychological, and social.


Some of the most common holistic and experiential techniques include the following:

Exercise and recreational therapy

Exercising and other physical activities not only strengthen the body and the immune system but also alleviate stress and anxiety. It may include simple walking, jogging, to more spiritual activities such as Yoga and Guided Meditation.

Gong Sound Therapy

Over time, the therapeutic effects of focused gong sounds, known to the East for centuries have gained acceptance in the West. The sounds of the gongs travel from the outer ear throughout the body via the vagus nerve, impacting brain waves, respiratory and heart rate, and inducing a calming and contemplative effect on the psyche.


Studies have shown that acupuncture affects the brain’s mesolimbic dopamine system, thereby suggesting that this method can help a person overcome his craving for drugs or alcohol.

Equine therapy

The gracefulness and intelligence of horses have made them among the greatest animal companions known to man for millennia. In a therapeutic sense, time spent among these animals creates emotional calm and self-reflection for addicts in recovery. Many form deep emotional bonds with our specially trained horses during their hours in equine-assisted therapy.
There are many reasons why holistic and experiential therapies should be considered by substance abusers when seeking professional help. Some of the benefits of such alternative treatment approaches include:
They offer a more comprehensive approach to treatment.
Conventional addiction treatment methods are more focused on treating the addiction but it sometimes fails to take into account other aspects of the patient’s life. In our holistic recovery center, however, patients are encouraged to participate and be active in the treatment process by doing activities that make them feel comfortable and relax.
They make use of natural treatment techniques.
Holistic approaches do not use medicines, chemicals, or anything that is not innate or natural to the body. Holistic methods actually tap the body and mind’s potential to heal and repair itself.
They help patients feel more at ease and responsive to the treatment program.
The activities being carried out by a holistic addiction treatment center may seem simple and too enjoyable to actually have healing value other than relieving the person of stress but in reality, these activities provide therapeutic effects that even medicines sometimes cannot provide.
They help individuals learn essential life and coping skills.
Holistic therapies help a substance abuser to become more aware not only of himself but his surroundings. A better understanding of one’s place in the world and the consequences of one’s action help the patient to learn positive coping skills that will help him deal with future challenges, particularly after his life in rehab.
They facilitate relaxation and serenity.
Holistic therapies help patients relieve tension and stress, which often trigger the perceived need to use drugs or alcohol. When a person is calm and relax, it is much easier to think clearly and act more rationally.

If you or any of your family members are seeking professional help to recover from substance abuse disorder, it is best that you select holistic recovery center like Ranch Creek rather than an addiction facility that only offers conventional treatment methods. Holistic and experiential therapies combined with traditional addiction treatment approaches will undoubtedly be more effective in assisting you with your recovery journey.

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