It is a sad fact that substance abuse has become widespread in today’s society and although education on the negative impacts of using drugs and alcohol has improved significantly, more people than ever are now experimenting them both. Research shows that at any given time, around 10% of Americans over the age of 12 will try a recreational drug – and if that is extrapolated to include ‘any time in their lives’ that percentage increases exponentially.

There is more societal acceptance of recreational drugs like marijuana in the US than ever before, particularly after certain states relaxed cannabis laws. Stats show that 44% of Americans – that’s almost half the population – have tried marijuana at least once, although using cannabis remains against federal law.

This has created an environment where it is almost impossible to determine who has addiction issues and who hasn’t, which is detrimental for people who are in chronic need of treatment as it allows them to mask their symptoms more successfully. And the environment is something that plays a crucial part in people developing addiction and also in their successful treatment.

How an Environment Can Contribute to Addiction

Most of us think of our environment as the home we live in and our immediate surroundings, but there’s much more to it than that. In terms of addiction, the definition of environment refers to four primary domains:

  • The Family
  • Peer Group
  • Work/School
  • The Community

Being genetically linked to our family, there’s no denying that they all play a part in our makeup and are a vital influence on our environment. When there is someone in the family struggling with addiction, there could be family history that’s relevant to their disorder or other genetic material that may have been passed down the generations that serve to influence whether someone develops a substance abuse problem or not.

Peers also have a strong influence on the attitude and opinions people hold and if they create the environment where drugs and alcohol are a regular feature, it’s easy for an individual to develop dependence as they become an integral part of their social lives. Similarly, the workplace, school or the local community all place expectations on people that for some individuals is sufficient to push them into addictive behavior.

The Importance of the Right Treatment Environment

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, matching an individual to an appropriate treatment setting is crucial for their effective treatment, which is why luxury rehab is on the rise in America. From entering a luxury drug treatment centers, patients move along a continuum of care as they demonstrate strong movement towards recovery and they no longer need residential treatment.

Many people consider luxury rehab centers the domain of the rich and famous, although people from all backgrounds are increasingly taking advantages of the benefits of the environment these treatment centers create. Luxury rehab centers are more than just a five-star service and the latest facilities and the benefits people in addiction can gain from high-end centers include:

  • Low patient to staff ratio that ensures tailor-made treatment programs are delivered on a personal level. Having more staff than patients is particularly beneficial during drug and alcohol detox as they are able to respond to withdrawal symptoms quickly and efficiently to make the process more comfortable.
  • Luxury drug rehab centers offer a better quality of care, with staff qualified in the most prestigious institutions. This level of experience and qualification extends to therapists, who are able to deliver a much more personalized service with several weekly individual sessions each week in luxury rehab.
  • A wider range of therapies and treatments are available in luxury rehab centers, which means that the most effective programs can be designed for each individual requiring care. Luxury rehab often offers a range of experiential therapies and holistic treatments like equine-assisted therapy, acupuncture, and yoga.
  • While in addiction treatment, it’s important to get the best nutrition to support the program. A luxury facility will undoubtedly offer the best cuisine, with an emphasis on providing a healthy balanced diet which is crucial to a healthy recovery from addiction.

Ultimately, our environment matters in ways we don’t necessarily see on a daily basis and when someone is struggling with addiction, it can actually serve to worsen their disorder. The main reason luxury addiction treatment is so successful is because it underpins medical treatment and holistic therapy with luxurious comfort, to create a complete sense of well being while overcoming some pretty daunting challenges.