Dual diagnosis is a condition wherein the person is suffering from some type of mental health issue (such as depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder) and have a substance abuse problem as well. While it may seem like a very serious condition, the good news is that the same can be addressed by the correct dual diagnosis treatment plan.  

Up until the early 1990s, co-occurring mental health and addiction problems were treated separately, either in a mental health facility for the mental disorder or in an addiction rehab center for their addiction but not both. More often than not, mental health institutions did not accept patients who were addicted to drugs or alcohol even if they were exhibiting symptoms of mental health issue. This approach has been proven ineffective, which is why treatment for dual diagnosis nowadays no longer considers the disorders as separate but as one intertwined issue, and they should be addressed together in a rehab center that provides treatment for dual diagnosis.

It is important to note that a patient with dual diagnosis can only have a high chance of achieving his treatment goals if he is guided by qualified and highly-skilled treatment team that conducts parallel treatment, if he also receives supportive therapies to build his confidence and self-esteem, and if the treatment program includes various strategies that also require the involvement of family and friends.

Advantages of Choosing Luxury Rehab Facilities for People With Dual Diagnosis

Luxury rehab facilities like Ranch Creek that offer treatment for dual diagnosis are better for people who are suffering from dual diagnosis disorder because of the following reasons:

  • Patients receive more individualized care in high-end facilities. Ordinary rehab centers that provide dual diagnosis rehab programs aim to attract more patients, which means that the specialist to patient ratio is largely disproportional. With luxury rehabs, however, the number of patients admitted are extremely limited, which means every client will receive highly individualized care. Dual diagnosis treatment specialists can focus, guide, and monitor the progress of treatment to ensure that recovery goals will be achieved.
  • Ranch Creek provides an integrated approach in dual diagnosis treatment. This includes the application of holistic and experiential therapies combined with traditional treatment approaches. Holistic treatment aims to ensure that every aspect of the entire person is treated – physical, mental, psychological, and emotional, and not just the mental health and addiction issues. Complementing conventional treatment with different types of holistic and experiential therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, equine-assisted therapy, and many others make the treatment program more effective. Introducing holistic therapies also help the patient to be more receptive and engaged in treatment and learn essential life skills that will help him cope with life’s daily challenges, especially after formal dual diagnosis treatment.
  • Luxury rehabs patient-specific dual diagnosis treatment programs.Our facilities do not offer a one-treatment-for-all program. We make sure to create an individual treatment plan for every client based on the results of a detailed medical and psychological assessment. Treatment specialists in Ranch Creek’s luxury rehab facilities acknowledge that every dual diagnosis case is different, which is why treatment should address each client’s recovery requirements.
  • High-end treatment facilities have highly qualified and experienced treatment staff. Clients in luxury facilities essential receive the value for their money primarily because these kinds of facilities invest on the most qualified and highly-skilled treatment personnel. Needless to say, patients have better chances of getting better if they are guided by the best treatment team in their recovery journey.

If any of your loved ones is suffering from dual diagnosis disorder, it is critical that you help him seek professional help immediately. Given the benefits mentioned above of entering a luxury rehab facility for such condition, you may want to consider entering a high-end rehab center like Ranch Creek instead of an ordinary treatment facility.