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Ranch Creek Recovery of Pasadena

How do you know when you need help when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction? Even though drug addiction has been growing in the United States, with over 20 million people in the country battling some form of substance abuse, addiction is something that still many people struggle to talk about. Many people are going to try to cover up their addiction. There are many phrases that have become also synonymous with those denying an addiction to drugs or alcohol. “I can quit whenever I want to, I don’t have a problem, I have a job and keep up on bills, so what if I have fun.” These are all things said by those who might have an addiction but haven’t yet reached the point of realization about it.

For those struggling with addiction in the Pasadena area, help is available to those who want to begin the journey towards a sober life. There are many Pasadena rehab centers that are ready to help those who are ready to help themselves live healthier and more fulfilling lives. The staff at Ranch Creek Recovery are here to help patients overcome addiction while implementing traditional as well as holistic therapeutic services. Medical experts at Pasadena drug rehabs are able to provide a consultation in which they can explain the different therapeutic options that are administered, while also answering questions about insurance coverages that are excepted as well as providing information about different payment plans available to those who qualify.

Upon admission to a rehab center in the Pasadena, California area, medical experts are able to provide a full evaluation that covers not only the issues of substance abuse but also any cognitive or behavioral issues that the patient might be displaying as well. Since many patients enter rehab, not only affected by drug abuse but also by a mental health disorder as well.

The medical staff at these facilities will be able to develop an individualized plan for patients which is useful to those who might be suffering from co-occurring conditions.

Based on the needs of patients, the staff at these treatment facilities in Pasadena will be able to determine with a patient would require either outpatient or inpatient treatment services. Outpatient treatment is usually recommending to patients who have a low to moderate level of addiction. These patients usually report to a treatment facility for around 15-20 hours per week, three days a week. Outpatient therapy is also ideal for patients who have reliable transportation to and from the facility.

Inpatient treatment is better suited for individuals who have a higher degree of substance abuse. Usually, those who seek inpatient treatment options have had a longer addiction compared to those who seek treatment options in outpatient facilities. For those who want to utilize inpatient therapy options, Ranch Creek Recovery offers inpatient treatment options in a luxurious setting with top of the line accommodations. You can speak to one of our trained staff members to find out about what treatment option might be best appropriate to suit your needs.

Even though addiction has become less stigmatized over the years, doesn’t mean that it’s still a comfortable topic for many people to talk about. Don’t let shame and embarrassment keep you or someone you love from getting the help that’s needed. With the help family, friends, and our trained professionals, addiction can be defeated, leading the ways towards a life full of joy, happiness, and most importantly sobriety.

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