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Since the year 2000 alcohol and drug-related deaths have risen in Orange County by 82 percent according to an article posted in the Orange County Register. During the two-year span from 2013 through 2015, the area in Orange County averaged around 5,500 hospitalizations as a result of drug and alcohol, even worse 700 individuals died from substance abuse. The biggest contributor to these types of fatalities were prescription opioids such as Hydrocodone and OxyContin.

Many times those who are abusing prescription opioids and alcohol, tend to turn to other substances such as heroin. There are many reasons why those who struggle with addiction to opioids turn to drugs such as heroin. One reason why might be because it might become harder for the individual to obtain these painkillers from their doctors. Once these people turn to the black market to get their drugs, they might discover that they can get an even better and cheaper high through a substance such as heroin. Once a person turns to heroin they are even more at risk to fall subject to an overdose, especially with fentanyl being added to heroin. Fentanyl is an extremely powerful pain medication and is around 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine.

With the risk of developing a deadly addiction to heroin and coming across an opioid as powerful as fentanyl mixed with it, it is important for those who are struggling with an addiction to seek help sooner rather than later. There are quality medical professionals at Orange County drug rehabs that can offer you or a loved one the help that they need to overcome their addiction.

Drug rehab centers in Orange County have services and treatments that they can match to every patient’s specific needs to ensure that they have the best chances of living a life that is addiction free Many treatment centers in Orange County, such as Ranch Creek Recovery offer holistic approaches when it comes to leading individuals on a road to recovery. Holistic approaches such as Garden Therapy help patients overcome their addiction by utilizing nature to offer a truly organic experience. Gardening Therapy helps reduce the stress that comes with such a drastic lifestyle change, while also taking their minds off of the substances they are struggling with. Other holistic approaches taken at various rehab centers in Orange County include activities such as meditation, yoga, nutritional programs, and various exercises.

Even though drug addiction is becoming more common in Orange Country, and across the country, it is still something that many people are not comfortable talking about publicly. Man drug treatment centers in the area offer private resorts, which house a low number of patients. Many of these treatment centers offer luxurious rooms, resembling views of a summer getaway. This intimate setting helps patients feel at ease through their surroundings, while also addressing his or her concerns for their privacy. These provisions can allow patients to feel more comfortable and thus more likely to respond to therapy practices such as group therapy.

For those who have been struggling with addiction for years, seeking an inpatient rehabilitation center in Orange County and the surrounding area might help increase the chances of reaching sobriety. Inpatient treatment centers offer various lengths of stay ranging from 30 to 90 days depending on the individual needs of the patient. Usually, those with a stronger addiction will benefit from a lengthier stay. Patients who stay at an inpatient treatment center have a lower rate of relapse compared to those who might have the same level of addiction who only choose an outpatient option.

It is also vital that these patients have a support system that will be there during and after the patient’s time spent undergoing treatment. Orange County drug rehabilitation centers also offer therapeutic practices that help mend the damaged relationships between a patient and her or her social network. Many times someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol display behaviors that are not desirable, to say the least, and can harm members of his or her family and friends. It is important for the patient to understand how their actions affected those around them, while it is also important that those affected to understand how addiction is a disease and how it can affect someone’s mood and behavior.

With the help of medical professionals working at drug and alcohol treatment centers in Orange County, those with addictions to alcohol and opioids have the chance at overcoming their disease and living a happier, sober lives.

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