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Ranch Creek Recovery of Fresno

When it comes to making the decision to seek treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction, it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing the most appropriate form of treatment to meet your exact needs. It is important to remember that drug addiction is a multifaceted problem that contains both mental health, as well as physical components. When speaking to a medical expert, you can get more information about the different types of rehabilitation centers and services and will be able to develop an individual plan that will be to assist you or a loved one on the path to recovery.

There are many Fresno rehab centers ready to assist you or a loved one begin the journey on the road to recovery. The residents of Fresno, CA have been impacted by a surge of methamphetamine in their area. The DEA estimates that around 80% of the country’s meth stem from cartels that are based in the Fresno area. Aside from the heavy presence of substances such as methamphetamine, Fresno is also home to one of the largest populations of substance abusers who take their drugs intravenously. It is estimated that out of every 10,000 Fresno residents, 173 abuse the substance by using hypodermic needles. This might not seem like a hefty number, but it translates to three times the national average in America. With so many users using needles to achieve their high, a public health epidemic has taken form in the rising number of residents infected with diseases such as Hepatitis C.

For those in the Fresno area, there is help for those who want to break from the chains of addiction. Ranch Creek Recovery assists patients in the Fresno county recover from inpatient help them to go on to live healthy lives. Once a phone call is made, the admission staff at a rehab center in Fresno, CA can offer information about the rehab process and what to expect. Once admitted into a facility, the staff will perform an evaluation and from there will be able to decide what best treatment centers provided will fulfill your needs in terms of your recovery.



Professional evaluations can help discover if there is a possible mental illness that might have led to an addiction or might be co-occurring. If the patient shows signs of mental health disorders such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. If any of these mental illnesses are prevalent during the examination, medical professionals will suggest dual diagnosis treatments to not only address the patient’s substance abuse, but also the mental illness that is affecting them as well.

During the intake process, as well medical professional will also suggest if the patient would benefit from either an inpatient or outpatient treatment plan. For those who seek treatment early in their addiction, have a strong supportive network in terms of family and friends, and might have previous obligations that they cannot leave (for example work, school, or children at home who they cannot leave), outpatient treatment options might be the best fit for their needs. Outpatient facilities require patients to check into a facility for a few hours a day, every couple of days for individual and group counseling therapy sessions. For those whose addictions are more severe, medical professionals might recommend inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment helps those Inpatient struggle with their addictions by not only removing them from their environments that could contain triggers associated with their drug or alcohol use but also provide around-the-clock supervision under staff. Inpatient treatment centers also offer numerous activities to help patients keep occupied throughout the day as so that they will not have as much free time to think or act on their addictions.

Patients that choose to undergo inpatient treatment have the opportunity to be housed in a luxurious setting that resembles something that one would connect with a vacation, rather than a stay at rehab. With activities such as garden therapy, equine therapy, and yoga, many patients will feel as though that they are taking part on an all inclusive vacation, while they begin to live their lives free from their addiction.

If you feel as though rehab could be right for you or someone you know, you should have them speak to a medical professional as soon as possible. Making that phone call or just starting the conversation with a family member or friend can help steer you in the right direction to a life of sobriety.

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