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Is Treatment Right For You?

Along with teaching a person new perspectives on how to approach his addiction, professional treatment is also a way to teach him how to prevent relapses that may occur along his journey towards a lifelong sobriety. With the guidance of compassionate and caring counselors, a person seeking to improve his or her life can take the steps to achieve and maintain sobriety. The most important factor in recovery is the genuine desire to get better and be happier.


Understanding the Severity of an Addiction

For someone experiencing drug and alcohol addiction, it can be hard to determine and admit that they have an existing problem. Most of the time, this can only be figured with the help of loved ones who notice changes in a person’s behavior and attitude.


Acknowledging the problem is the initial step towards recovery and is the most crucial and motivating factor to help a person gain a better understanding of his own situation. This stage can be confusing as he may be battling internally with many issues including how to get the needed help and the prospects of life after recovery.


To understand the severity of an addiction, one has to look at how drug and alcohol have influenced their lives. Lack of control, effort to quit but unable to, lack of social responsibility, worsening personal and social relationships, and tolerance to the substance are all indications of an aggravating addiction.


Dealing with a family member who is experiencing addiction is hard and convincing him to seek treatment can even be harder. Understanding his condition and being willing to listen will suffice to help him seek a better course.


The Steps to Effective Treatment

Once a decision to seek treatment has been reached, it starts with a phone call or visits to the nearest treatment center. An assessment interview will be done to determine the severity and complexity of the problem so that the best possible treatment program can be devised.


Underlying issues and other factors perpetuating the addiction has to be discovered so they will not hinder the effectivity of the recovery process. Treatment plans often include alternative ways to help an addict meet their personal goals and manage pangs to use. Along with alternative treatment elements, some forms of activities are required while inside the facility. Group or one-on-one counseling and several other therapeutic elements will be used to create a comprehensive plan geared towards alleviating the symptoms of both the co-occurring disorder and the addiction. Counseling also forms a greater part of educating a patient regarding his condition and the effects of the drug in his life and those around him.


Knowing if the Treatment is Right for You

Before committing to a treatment program, there are some steps to determine if the program fits the intended outcome a person has. Setting specific drug and alcohol treatment goals is key. This keeps them motivated knowing that they have to achieve the goal before completing the program.


Also knowing if the program is short or long-term help eliminates possible issues, especially with finances. Depending on the severity of the addiction, most often programs are designed to reach a target and achieve stable sobriety before returning to daily life. Long-term rehabilitation is designed for people with, especially long-standing or severe addictions.


Alternative therapeutic elements are also crucial components of an effective rehabilitation. It teaches an addicted person of ways to cope with his condition and help him learn life skill which can be utilized after the treatment process. This important component of drug treatment veers the mind away from the substance can be an effective therapy to sustain recovery, and prevent relapses.


Ranch Creek incorporates holistic techniques such as yoga and guided meditation, acupuncture, equine and outdoor therapy, and more in addition to our scientifically researched and therapeutically confirmed base programs. If you’re asking yourself, “is treatment right for me?” give us a call today. We accept most private insurance, and we’re here to answer any and all of your questions.

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