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Substance abuse disorder can afflict any one regardless of background, age, race, religion, economic background, and status in life. While there is a persistent misconception that only underachievers or the unemployed can suffer from addiction, evidence suggests that 96% substance abusers are well-functioning individuals who keep regular jobs and even leaders in their industries.

We, at Ranch Creek Recovery, firmly believe that addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. We acknowledge that this chronic disease can affect anyone at any given time, even those who are high-achievers and driven in life, which is why we have a drug and alcohol rehab program that specifically addresses the recovery needs of professionals such as doctors, dentists, business executives, lawyers, nurses, politicians, psychologists, law enforcement officials, veterinarians, teachers, and many others.

While most drug addiction treatment centers offer essentially the same treatment program for all its clients, we know that professionals who are suffering from substance abuse disorder but still able to function in their respective careers require a different rehabilitation approach.

Our counselors and addiction specialists are highly skilled to assist various professionals suffering from addiction to attain their overall recovery goals.


How to Know It’s Time

While it is advisable to immediately seek professional drug and alcohol rehab care for addiction problems, most professionals may find it difficult to realize or even accept that they already need help especially if they are under the impression that they are still fully in control of their drug and alcohol use.

If you or any of your loved ones are unsure if you are already battling addiction, here are important warning signs that you should be mindful of since experiencing one or more of these signs means you need professional help:

  • Your world already revolves around drugs or alcohol – your thoughts, time, resources, and energy are mostly spent thinking and using substances, everything else becomes a lesser priority.
  • You are suffering from various physical, psychological, and emotional health issues.
  • You are taking more and more of the substance to achieve the effect you want.
  • You have tried but failed to quit using drugs or alcohol.


What to Expect From Us

If any or all the tell-tale signs above apply to you, you should never postpone seeking professional treatment immediately before it is too late. We, at Ranch Creek Recovery, are proud to offer a new take on the programs offered at most drug addiction treatment centers.


Patient-Specific Treatment Plan

Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment program adopts a non-12-step approach, which means we don’t have a single treatment plan that we apply to all clients regardless of their addiction condition and personal circumstances. Our treatment specialists create a treatment plan that is tailor-fitted to every client because every individual’s addiction recovery journey is unique.



We, at Ranch Creek Recovery, care about your privacy more than any other drug addiction treatment centers. Suffering from substance abuse problems is already hard enough and we don’t want to put more burden on the shoulders of our clients with worries about privacy or indiscretion. We commit to protecting our clients’ privacy and security especially when they stay at our facility.



Our facility only accommodates very few patients because our focus is on individual care and the best recovery experience. With fewer residents, every client has the chance to experience needed time alone as well as opportunities for interaction whenever needed. Fewer patients, a serene natural setting, and luxurious facility mean that our clients are in the best position to attain complete recovery.


Holistic Care

Apart from providing traditional addiction therapies to help our clients, we make sure to complement them with holistic addiction treatment center approaches to further increase their effectiveness. Many studies reveal that holistic addiction treatment center approaches provide numerous recovery and life-changing benefits to clients in rehabilitation. Some of the holistic and experiential therapies we provide include equine addiction treatment, yoga, garden therapy, meditation, exercise, and many others.


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