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Drug and Alcohol Admissions

Addiction not only affects an addict’s life but those around him. The most effective treatment happens when loved ones intervene for their family member and want to see them live a better life. But this accounts for barely half of the addicts who need to gain access to a reliable treatment program.

While it can be hard for an addict to admit his own addiction and seek treatment himself, it can be helpful to have someone guide him through the process of realization and help him understand there is a way out of his predicament.

Being a multifaceted disease, addiction can sometimes be hard to treat. Self-treatment, or going cold turkey, often leads to dangerous consequences and success rates are minimal. Seeking the right treatment with the appropriate program to manage addiction and any underlying problem helps to ensure that the addiction and the co-occurring disorder are treated simultaneously and will give the patient the best shot at sobriety in the long term.


How To Start Admission

There’s no better time than now to get help for yourself or someone you love. The earlier the intervention, the better the chance of having a successful recovery from addiction.

Admitting the problem and committing to a recovery program is the best way to deal with any addiction issue. It may be hard to acknowledge the problem, but leading a better life starts with knowing the problem and seeking a solution.

The initial thoughts of rehab may be intimidating but the physical and psychological effects of addiction are hard to deal with alone. Withdrawal from most drugs, in particular, can be physically dangerous without supervision. Treatment rehabs can effectively facilitate the withdrawal stage through supervised detox. The guidance of counselors and staff at Ranch Creek will guide recovering addicts every step of the way.

Starting admission begins with a simple call or a visit to the facility!


Stages of Admission

Get in touch with our specialists

The first step towards admission is always the hardest one. Getting in touch can be terrifying for someone who is about to embark on a life changing journey. This stage is the most crucial step towards a life of sobriety.

Our team of specialists will be ready to answer any questions and provide an orientation regarding the treatment options the facility offers. They will assist any concerns, about the payment options or any insurance issues, or about any aspect of the admissions and treatment process.

Choose the appropriate treatment program

Recovery can come either as an inpatient or outpatient treatment. Depending on the severity of the addiction and any other related factors including the presence of the needed support, our admissions team can recommend the appropriate program for most effective treatment. This is done through personal interviews and assessments when you enter the facility.

Inpatient treatment works best for people who want to have the needed social support and 24/7 supervision. An outpatient program can be a better option for people who have to juggle their professional and family life while at the same time finding an appropriate time to complete the required counseling sessions and other activities needed for the treatment program.

Take the medical and psychological assessments

This is an important stage of the treatment as our team uses them to be able to distinguish the severity of the addiction and occurrence of any psychological disorder. Underlying problems need to be assessed as it can obstruct the effectivity of the entire treatment and always leads to relapses.

The medical and psychological assessment is done by skilled and supportive professionals who make sure to give an accurate dial diagnosis to ensure the correct treatment is given to the patient. Our patients can focus on the treatment options, such as yoga and meditation, acupuncture, equine therapy and more, which appeal most to them and which will be most effective for their particular case.

Seek support from loved ones

An effective treatment encompasses the support of family members and loved ones who stands behind and supports a recovering addict. Engaging the help of important people ensures that healing becomes far-reaching to sustain a lifelong sobriety. It also acts as a motivating factor that teaches a recovering addict not to dwell on his addiction but for the life and love of the people around him.


This has to be the most demanding part of the treatment process. Most people who seek treatment for their addiction find this stage the hardest to deal with as the body gets rid of the substances residue. Drug and particularly alcohol detox can present severe psychological and physical symptoms that can sometimes be life threatening without a clinical supervision. Professionals ensure that every patient gets across this dangerous stage lessening the effects of the withdrawal symptoms through supervised medications combined with counseling.

Enter the program

When detox is complete and the treatment plan has been formulated, the patient can begin treatment in earnest. Whether inpatient or outpatient, the treatment stage is where the true healing takes place.

After all the other stages, Ranch Creek keeps in touch with our graduates and engages them in aftercare programs and discussion groups to help maintain sobriety. Using alternative treatment elements to help gain life skills and coping techniques, an addict can find himself distancing from the addictive substance to gain a better prospect in life.

Addiction can be a lifelong battle, but with the help of Ranch Creek Recovery’s treatment program, it’s one you can win. Social support, understanding, and personalized therapy ensure you or your loved one can get a second chance in life.

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