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About Ranch Creek Recovery of California

At Ranch Creek Recovery, are committed to providing high-quality and patient-specific treatment services for people suffering from substance abuse disorder and other forms of addiction. Every member of our treatment team acknowledges the fact that addiction does not only negatively affect the drug dependent but everyone around him and everything that he values as well.

Given the impact of addiction on society, it has become our mission to assist every patient who comes inside our facility to not only cease abusing drugs and other substances but to ensure that the substance abuser will maintain long-term sobriety.

In order to fulfill this purpose, we, at Ranch Creek Recovery, make sure that we provide a serene and compassionate setting that encourages healing and provides our clients with utmost peace and tranquility.

Apart from traditional addiction treatment approaches such as medications, psychotherapies and counseling sessions, among others, our treatment programs here, at Ranch Creek Recovery also include the following:


Holistic and Experiential Therapeutic Techniques

Many studies reveal that holistic and experiential treatment methods such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, equine therapy, and many others significantly help substance abusers in their recovery journey considering that these modes of treatment interventions…


… see the client beyond his substance abuse problem but as a whole person with physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and psychological aspects.


… utilize and encourage the body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself, thus, making the treatment practically harm-free.


… help clients to understand themselves at a much deeper level, thereby helping them learn better life skills that will help them deal with challenges.


… work on improving each aspect of the client considering that every category influences the wellness of the other.


… offer the best ways to help clients be free from stress and tension that often accompany individuals with addiction issues.

Family Education

The involvement of family in the client’s addiction treatment is undoubtedly critical. The support of every family member provides encouragement and inspiration for the client to earnestly desire positive change. The cooperation and participation of family members are important in every stage of the client’s recovery journey – from his entry to the facility, during treatment, and in maintaining sobriety after formal rehab.

We, at Ranch Creek, understand that our clients’ situation and personal circumstances are unique, which is why we offer:


Residential or inpatient treatment that is smaller and more intimate so our clients can be assured of utmost privacy and peace of mind.


Outpatient treatment in areas all over San Diego County in Temecula, Murrieta, San Diego, the greater Los Angeles region, and the Inland Empire in Riverside County, California

If you or any of your family members wish to learn more about who we are and what we offer, feel free to get in touch with us at any time so that we can arrange a free confidential assessment for you as well.

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