For people suffering from addiction who are currently in the process of deciding whether they would be better off in a regular drug and alcohol rehab facility or in a center that accommodates limited patients, below are several benefits of small/one-on-one addiction treatment facilities over regular rehab centers that are worth taking into account:

  • Clients Receive Highly Individualized Care.

Small and intimate drug and alcohol treatment centers such as Ranch Creek Recovery provide highly-individualized care unlike large-scale facilities wherein therapies and treatment sessions are almost always carried out involving large groups of people. Recovering addicts seeking treatment in rehab facilities that limit their patient to less than 10 can be assured of the attention and support of their counselors and addiction specialists whenever they need them – no waiting in line or waiting for the counselor to be free.

  • Clients Adhere to a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Plan That is Tailor-Fitted to Their Recovery Needs.

A rehab facility that follows a small or one-on-one principle in terms of patient care does not provide a single treatment plan that will be followed by all clients. The treatment team understands that for drug and alcohol programs to be effective, it should be tailor-fitted to the individual recovery requirements of each client. There is no single fool-proof addiction rehab plan that has been proven effective for all individuals suffering from substance abuse disorder. Every addiction experience is unique, which is why the most effective treatment plans are those that are designed specifically for each patient.

  • Clients Have Immediate Access to Facilities and Rehab Care.

Patients who are housed inside ordinary alcohol and drug treatment centers often have to wait for their turn whenever they want to use certain rehab facilities. They also have to endure listening and interacting with a large group of strangers during treatment sessions. These issues are non-existent in drug and alcohol treatment centers that only take in limited clients at any given time.

  • Clients Undergo Holistic and Experiential Therapies to Complement Traditional Modes of Addiction Treatment.

Since treatment and rehabilitation are more intensive and integrated into addiction facilities with extremely small client population, clients receive the best treatment approaches such as holistic and experiential therapies. Holistic therapies ensure the well-being of the entire person – body, mind, behavior, and emotion, while experiential therapies involve the learning of essential life and coping skills by carrying out or experiencing various activities such as equine-assisted therapy.  Ranch Creek is a leader among California drug rehabs in holistic and experiential therapy.

  • Clients Enjoy Privacy.

Patients inside rehab facilities are already stressed and anxious given their circumstances, having to share space with strangers could add to their stress levels rather than help them relax. Such scenario is common in regular rehab centers but with small addiction treatment facilities, clients get to enjoy more privacy. Given the small patient population, clients can choose to be alone or can initiate social interaction with a few people when needed.

  • Clients Experience a Family-Like Atmosphere.

Facilities with limited patient population give the clients a chance to bond with each other and their counselors and therapists, thereby creating a family-like vibe that could get the patients to be more engaging and participative in their treatment program.

  • Clients Have More Chance for Reflection.

Considering that small and intimate drug rehab facilities are normally located in places with beautiful surroundings and natural scenery, the clients can be more peaceful and introspective during their stay as hardly anybody would be disturbing them. Consistent self-reflection can help recovering addicts attain better self-awareness and resolve to do better,

If you or any of your loved ones is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it is more prudent for you to enter a small and intimate drug and alcohol rehab facilities given the numerous advantages mentioned above.