While the decision to enter an addiction rehab facility to seek professional help can be scary, especially if one has no clue what to expect, it shouldn’t hold anyone back from examining their options. In fact, an addict who wants to change should know that copious help and information are available to relieve his stress and anxiety about entering a California drug rehab facility such as Ranch Creek Recovery.

Below are six things anyone should know before admitting to a rehab center in California:

  • Drug addiction treatment works. Rehabs in California, as with other professional substance abuse treatment facilities around the country have been proven to make a difference in the lives of drug dependents. Many research studies have revealed that individuals with substance abuse problems who remain in treatment were found to have stopped using drugs, have improved psychological, social, and occupational functioning, and have significantly lowered their criminal activity. 

The California Drug and Alcohol Treatment Assessment also found that a person’s drug and alcohol use also decreases by almost 40% after receiving formal treatment or rehab in California and elsewhere

  • Drug rehab centers in California such as Ranch Creek provide two major rehabilitation options: inpatient and outpatient. As the name suggests, inpatient treatment means that the recovering addict needs to stay in the facility for at least a couple of weeks up to several months to complete his treatment plan. Outpatient treatment, on the other hand, is for individuals who cannot afford to stay inside a drug facility for so long because of work or school responsibilities, budget considerations, and other reasons. In an outpatient setting, the recovering addict visits the center for treatment and goes back home after.
  • Support and active involvement of family and close friends on the recovering addict’s treatment contribute to the effectiveness of the treatment program. The involvement of family members and significant others mean a lot of difference for recovering addicts who enter a drug rehab facility. The support given by loved ones give the patient the needed encouragement to stay and endure treatment and increase the desire to get better.
  • The members of a good treatment team like Ranch Creek’s are allies in recovery. Overcoming addiction has always been likened to a war or a battle, which is why getting into an addiction treatment program is known as working to win the battle against drug addiction. In a battle, there are enemies and allies and in a rehab setting the members of the treatment team are allies who will work with the patient to ensure that he will win in the end.
  • Addiction recovery does not end after formal treatment. People who are about to enter a drug rehab center should realize early on that recovering from substance abuse disorder is a lifelong journey. They should not expect to leave the rehab center and go back to their previous lifestyle. It takes a complete lifestyle and mentality overhaul to maintain long-term sobriety.

If you are suffering from addiction and seeking professional help, the information mentioned above will give you an idea of what to expect when you enter a rehabilitation facility in California.